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Penthouse - Fashion and Fantasies
Released in DVD by Image Entertainment (18 July, 2000)
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Starring: Penthouse and Aimme Sweet
Average review score:

Overall a lot better than I expected for a DVD that wasn't a Pet Of Year DVD(which is usually the better series)of Penthouse. I wish they would have got rid of Julia Garvey she makes me sick with about 7 piercings or more(too many to count),I find it hard to believe she was a Penthouse Pet she looks like playboy trash or maybe even as trashy as hustler which is terrible. Now for the positives Nikie St. Gilles looks the best I've seen her look since her pictorial in the Janurary 1999 Pet Of The Year issue. She looks so much better on this disc then the POTY 1999 DVD and has better poses,outfits. Alexus Winston also shouldn't be forgotten she has a scene where she poses in black leather during a 80's metal soundtrack which is a good scene. Alexus Winston looks the best by far, too bad she only has one solo scene. I would of got rid of Aimee Sweet period and had more (Alexus,Nikie,Samantha) and this could have been a 5 star production easily. P.S IF YOU LIKE ALEXUS WINSTON IN THIS ,YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT HER IN (PENTHOUSE P.O.T.Y. 2000 WINNER DVD),SHE HAS 2 SMOKING SOLO SCENES AND 2 GIRL/GIRL SCENES!

Interesting little movie
This video, primarily starring 3 Penthouse Pets, should give to Penthouse fans what they expect. Though I don't think these models are really into girls they pull off the love scene pretty well. I thought the solo scenes were better than the 3-ways, and especially liked Aimee Sweet's. I would like to have seen some more of the "behind-the-scene" footage since this can help you appreciate the work going into this video. The one scene of Aimee and Alexus standing off camera in robes waiting for the next scene lets you get a sense that these girls are not sexed up Pets, but models trying to create erotic images.

The on-camera interviews are fun, but I had the sense they were rehearsed, and not necessarily the models' true feelings. I quess when you're playing the role of a Penthouse Pet you have to be a Penthouse Pet.

Absolutely Delicious
Better than some of the Playoff series! Featuring Aimee Sweet, Alexus Winston, Nikie St. Gilles, Julie Garvey and Samantha Stewart. The disc starts with Aimee, Alexus and Nikie posing in full evening gowns. All 3 could have been fashion models, and look sizzling dressed. Fortunately, for us these girls are pets and soon start pulling at each others gowns, ending in a smoking 3 girl love scene. Next, Julie Garvey dressed as the Princess of Darkness tries to tease, followed by Samantha Stewart. Samantha has her haired dyed platinum instead of her usual honey blond. She looks hot in a little black lace teddy and panties, and soon reveals all her charms. Aimee, Alexus and Nikie all have solo seens with Nikie's being the stand out. Nikie appears in red lingerie which she slowly removes and pours candle wax on herself. She is incredible in this scene, I haven't seen her look this hot since she played the damsel in distress in AZ multimedia's 1996 video game CyperExperience. If you like beautiful women, Penthouse or just something to forget that bad day at work don't hesitate on buying this one.

Penthouse - Amazon Beauties
Released in DVD by Image Entertainment (18 July, 2000)
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Starring: Penthouse and Julie Strain
Average review score:

Disappointing All Around
I was looking forward to this particular feature, especially being a huge fan of Julie Strain. From the year 2000 onwards, Penthouse's video features have been starting to come a little closer to their magazine content, without trading sensuality, eroticism, and beauty for complete trash. They usually feature some of the most beautiful girls in the business, and show you more than any Playboy feature would. The same year to produce such winners as Dear Diary and Internet Babes also gave us Amazing Amazon Beauties. -great concept, beautiful women, but disappointing feature. First off the picture quality of the DVD was substandard in comparison to most of Penthouse's features -not as bad as the terrible 1997 Paige Summers & Friends transfer-but bad enough. Second, and most important, is the poor content. Listed in 2000, this feature shows about as much skin as Fast Cars, Fantasy Women, or Ready to Ride -the only difference being that Julie Strain showed more in those features, which are close to ten years old. Despite the occasional girl-girl kissing and nipple licking, this feature could have almost been a Playboy video. Hell, Julie Strain has more exposure in any of her erotic thriller B-movies than in this. Good concept, poor execution. Go for Dear Diary, Internet Babes, or either of the Pets in Paradise features to experience Penthouse's best.

Amazon Beauties Tower Above All Others
The basic premise of this DVD involves a woman drawing erotic comic strip characters, who then come to life and act out sexual fantasies. The scene with Julie Strain and two other women is so hot it may melt your DVD player! This is one of the best videos Penthouse has ever put out. Even though it's only around an hour in length, I highly recommend it.

this film definately describes what all guys want. an intellectual movie about woman. plus the nudity. this is one of the many films of this nature that surprised me and actually had a plot which i though made it even better. if i was you i would buy thios video right now.

Penthouse: Passport to Paradise/Hawaii
Released in DVD by Image Entertainment (21 December, 1999)
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Average review score:

passport to paradise
usually anything just including racquel is awesome but this one was a disappointment

A video as hot as the Hawaiian weather!
Five gorgeous Penthouse pets take you through their erotic Hawaiian fantasies. The video is a quality production done with class. Most of the nudity emphasizes the exquisite beauty of the female form.

Prepare to experience true paradise. END

Beautiful girls, beautiful scenes. You'll have them all when you get this dvd.

Penthouse: Wild Weekend with the Pets
Released in DVD by Image Entertainment (20 June, 2000)
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Average review score:

Kind of disappointing
If you're just wanting to see some decent to good looking woman naked, you might like this, but that's about all it is. Stupid porn style music is played in the background while each girl just undresses. Not very sexy at all unless you're around 13.

Good for you!
This DVD is very excellent! Many beautiful girls are dancin' and spread her legs ! I would like to buy another series.This DVD was 'region free'.

WOW! non stop sexy seductresses...
If your a fan of tasteful scantilly clad womem then this is not for you...these babes are so incredible you wont wanna stop watching...luckily for those with DVD's, you never need to rewind

Penthouse - Venus Descending
Released in DVD by Image Entertainment (19 June, 2001)
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Starring: Penthouse and Andrew Blake
Average review score:

A lot of exotic eye candy!
Ever since I viewed the spread for this movie in Penthouse magazine, I've been wanting to purchase it. And here it is on DVD! And, I must admit I am satisfied.

The movie has a somewhat disparate plot, interspersed with unnecessary "vogue" displays, but they do attempt to tie it together. The women are very attractive, especially the supporting characters, and I didn't see as much blatant use of implants as I had expected, which was good. The exotic scenes could have been a little more "aggressive" or hard core, especially with the "orgasmatron". Still, there are some nice softcore domination scenes, my favorite being the slave spanking.

So, if you would like a softcore sci-fi/dominatrix movie with plenty of attractive women, this is it! Enjoy!

Penthouse Sexiest Amateur Video Centerfolds #2
Released in DVD by Image Entertainment (19 September, 2000)
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Average review score:

Amatuers No, Fun Yes
There are 7 vignettes on this disc, all hot. Most of the girls are professional models. Nicolette, you'll recognize as Nikki Nova. The 2 best scenes are with Czech Beauties, Monika and Martina. Monika poses in a cute sundress, then lounges in lingerie on the couch before rubbing strawberry Yogurt all over her beautiful body. Yum! Who says health food can't be fun. Later she appears on the bed in a green bodysuit and slowly displays her charms, another smoldering scene. Martina also appears in a sundress, then in a lovely pink satin robe which she wears briefly before treating us to a hot shower scene. Martina has a beautiful smile, and cute, petite figure, her scenes alone are worth the price of the disc. Don't hesitate on this one.

Penthouse - Pet of the Year 2001
Released in DVD by Image Entertainment (16 January, 2001)
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Average review score:

This DVD is pretty good due to the lovely POTY 2001 Zdenka Podkapova from the Czech Republic. She is as flawless as the human body gets(perfect face,slender model body,legs to die for)and she does an excellent job posing for the camera. With that said Penthouse should gotten rid of the other two women and let Zdenka steal the show...and Vicca is nothing great either but then its hard to compete with Zdenka. At least Zdenka gets 3 good scenes and one short decent scene by herself and a photoshoot extra which I might add has the very classy Penthouse touch. WORTH A LOOK FOR ZDENKA ALONE,BUT DON'T EXPECT MUCH FROM THE OTHER TWO MODELS,I GIVE IT 3 TO 3.5 STARS,AND IT WOULD HAVE GOT 5 STARS EASY IF IT WAS ALL ZDENKA. 3 STARS FOR ZDENKA AND 2 STARS TAKEN OFF DUE TO MELISSA AND VICCA.

Not as good as 2000
Zdenka is definitely one of the hottest things ever, but somehow the camera and her bottom don't quite sync up. Is it that she moves around too much or that the camera just doesn't find the shots? Perhaps a little of both. The result, however is a series of glimpses as opposed to the long gazes that thrill one's soul. Also, aside from Zdenka, the other models are not so great- it comes down to some intangible quality and they just don't have it. This title is ok, but if you're main criteria is good, close, extended shots of a woman's most initmate place, Pet of the Year 2000 should be your first choice. (PS- the Suze Randall thing is pretty hillarious. I've long been a fan and was expecting this hot, lipstick lesbian. I couldn't have been farther from the mark.)

Zdenka, Beautiful Calendar Model
Zdenda ia one of the prettiest, sexiest, sweetest models I've ever had the pleasure of working with. This great Penthouse video of the 2001 Pet of the Year will give you the same feeling I had of what it is like to shoot with her thanks to a behind the scene look at a Zdenka photo shoot with our friend Suze Randall. We photographed Zdenka for the 2002 Iron & Lace pinup calendar which is also available from And you can also find many revealing photos of Zdenda by myself and Suze Randall right now in the Members Corner at

Penthouse - Gentlemen's Club
Released in DVD by Image Entertainment (31 July, 2001)
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Starring: Penthouse
Average review score:

Too Gloomy
The models in this one look fine, especially Megan Mason and Mercedes Lynn. And there are plenty of sexy performances and revealing camera angles. But this DVD does too good a job of replicating the atmosphere of a typical strip club--noisy, dark, smoky, loud, cramped, with bad music blasting away. If you enjoy those surroundings, then you might like this release. But I prefer to stick with the Penthouse DVDs (such as "Paradise" and most of the recent Pet of the Year productions) that show the Pets cavorting in lush, sunny locales.

Pet Of The Year 2002 Megan Mason an all natural brunette is a delight and its a shame she has one short solo scene. This DVD however is decent it features 3 other models,names I don't know I didn't care and this DVD does show a lot at times but some of the stages can suffer from bad lighting at times,however most were up to par. One thing is you will not see this amount of skin at your local strip club and you will waste a lot more money then just paying a small amount [of money[ for the DVD. I SAY WORTH A RENTAL BUT I WOULDN'T ADD TO MY COLLECTION,DARK AND DISAPPOINTING OVERALL

Penthouse is on the right track once again.
It starts out a little slow, but picks up in the middle. The solo scenes are good and have some great close-ups, but are softer than the girl-girl scenes later on. The best of these are the Arabian Nights threesome and the dressing room sequence, the last of these are all too short. The multiple girl stuff has a few touches leaning towards harder material; the solo stuff is a little dissapointing compared to these scenes, but over all this is one well-produced feature, with some beautiful women being very sexy for the camera. A nice addition to the Penthouse collection. Let's hope they go even further in the future. Other recommended titles: Dear Diary, Pets in Paradise 1 & 2

Penthouse - Variations - Amore Italiano
Released in DVD by Image Entertainment (14 August, 2001)
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Starring: Penthouse-Variations
Average review score:

Below standards Penthouse has set
I thought this movie was fair. A couple of decent girl-girl scenes. The girls were very hot, but the action wasn't that special. My opinion is if you want to do porn, do it all the way. But if you want it to be softer, then leave a little more to the imagination. This movie was right in the middle. It doesn't have an identity. I would prefer Penthouse stick with mostly girl-girl action and spice those up a little more,like Dear Diary or Gentleman's Club. The Private Collection is the porn collection, which is pretty good if you like that sort of thing.

Very nice!
Another yummy penthouse movie! Very nice! And if you want to see even more of the cover girl; check out Private/Penthouse 5: Italian Flare on VHS. You will definately see ALL of this girl!It is hardcore so you won't find it here. But both the VHS and this version are totally worth buying!

Great Lady
The cover girl is really cool, absolutely model stuff. You would like it when she do all those things for your eyes.

Penthouse Classic - 1991 Pet of the Year Play-Off/1992 Winners
Released in DVD by Image Entertainment (16 January, 2001)
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Starring: Penthouse and Lynn Johnson
Average review score:

Gorgeous Women but could be more erotic
I bought The 1992 Pet of the Year Winner VHS a long time ago. This video has Brandy the Penthouse Pet of the Year winner for 1992 and the runner up, Amy Lynn. They are both fantastically gorgeous women. I especially like Amy Lynn. The have nice shapely bodies, what appear to be big natural breasts, and awesome hips!

This video shows multiple vignettes for each woman from 2-5 minutes in length. Some are mild and others are a little erotic. My problem is that when they were going along a very good fantasy they would stop it before it got beyond a little erotic. For example, There was a scene where Amy was doing a mild domination thing with another beautiful girl. They got to the point of where the girl had a leash around her and Amy pulled it up toward her and then the vignette stopped. They could have gone a little further with out it being hardcore. Another example would be when two girls were together, they would paw each other briefly then the vignette would end. For the most part it was Playboy like posing where they didn't stay on any body part for too long, but they did go to parts of the body that Playboy doesn't. This is all probably due to it being made in 1992. It would go further today.

Other scenes had very nice shower or other type of wet scenes.

This tape is for you if you like seeing gorgeous naked women in mildly erotic vignettes. But when you add both video into one then it could be worth the money.

Viewing while wearing tight jeans may be hazardous
This DVD combines what were previously 2 VHS tapes. Total length of features is 86 minutes. 52 minutes for "Pet of the Year Playoff 1991" and 34 minutes for "Pet of the Year Winners 1992". Both were directed by Paul Nevitt. Playoff 1991 features Amy Lynn, Lynn Johnson, and Jisel. Winners 1992 features Brandy (aka Jisel) and Amy Lynn. The quality of filmatography varies quite a bit, but overall it is pretty good considering it was made in 1991. These features consist mostly of single girl scenes, and will be appreciated the most by those who were fans of Penthouse in the late 80's early 90's when these girls were in the magazine. Yes, some of us can get nostalgic with regards to this sort of stuff. Brandy was one of my all time faves. This DVD disc is cheaper and longer than most of the other Penthouse videos making it a good buy. Penthouse needs to add more special features. Scans of the Pets magazine layouts would have been a big plus on most of their DVDs. It would not have used much room on the disc and could have been done in a few hours time.

Timeless Classic
I originally thought the video would contain women in dated outfits and make-up. However, I was pleasantly pleased to witness four extremely beautiful women in timeless costumes (i.e. quasi-futuristic, western, etc.) and erotic settings (i.e. bathtub, barnyard, mud-bath, etc.). Penthouse continues their exhilirating examination of every inch of the woman anatomy, and thus the video performed rather well in retaining my "attention" throughout the entire 105 minutes of eroticism.

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